Software-Tool SIMPLO© ( System for Improved Manufacturing of Pallets with Logical Operation)

In order to support the flexible use of palletising and depalletising robots with changing package formats SIMPLO generates and administrates all the necessary control information. SIMPLO provides graphic information - also step by step - regarding the course of the entire palletizing process. This software system is individually tailored to the robot to be used as well as its control system.

As early as during the planning stage of a robot palletising system, the output of various plant configurations as well as alternative designs of the gripper can be analysed for the packing pattern specified as well as in terms of the minimum number of robot cycles.

The optimisation of the layer patterns considers all framework conditions defined by the robot hardware. For this reason, the plant operator can set a new package format within a few minutes; knowledge of the robot's control system are not required to this end.

SIMPLO determines the gripper cycle sequences requiring the least time for every layer pattern under consideration of the robot's features and the gripper tool used. In this context, the interference contour of the gripper and of the palletising station (e.g. security fences) are taken into account.

SIMPLO supports vacuum, fork-type and clamping grippers. Optionally, the grippers can pick up and place several packages at the same time. For vacuum grippers with separate vacuum circuits as well as for separate clamping and fork-type grippers, separate placing of the packages are also possible."