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Transnova RUF as an employer

We are considered to be a dynamic and innovative technology leader in special machine construction. The term "family-run company" does not only reflect our structure as a medium-sized company but it also characterises our corporate culture.

Qualified and motivated employees are integral components of our success. Therefore, human beings have played a central role in our family-run company Transnova RUF. We want to give everyone involved in the company a place that is "home" for them through the joint task of working for the company's success and helping to develop it. This also includes the aim of protecting and creating jobs.

In addition to adequate and performance-related compensation, Transnova RUF offers you work as a part of a team with decision-making scope - and, in particular, the advantage of having short decision-making paths. We emphasise independent work in all fields and support you in your efforts to attain your aims. And, of course, we use the latest technologies as well as state-of-the-art machinery. Because of its moderate size, Transnova RUF offers a good and friendly operating climate. We also offer our own self-developed corporate training programme. And, in addition, we offer our youngest employees vocational training - which has received several awards.

Team success

All these factors contribute to our employees feeling “right at home” at our company. - Perhaps you would like to join our family soon?

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