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With a workforce of approximately 250 employees, Transnova-RUF GmbH develops and builds machines and systems for automating "end-of-line" packaging and palletising processes.  Since almost any product needs to be packed for the transport to the final consumer via the retail sector and prepared for distribution, we have selected this very fascinating and lastingly attractive field of operations.   

Our aim is to ensure high and long-lasting customer satisfaction, which are tailored to the specific needs, executed in a high quality and reliable in operation through convincing problem solutions.

In this context, the focus is on the customer with its packaging problem and the objective customer benefit of solutions. Experienced engineers in sales and project planning are promptly available to the customer with their experience. Modular components enable the preparation of the solution with the strongest focus on the customers requirements at all times.
Thinking in terms of service is a firm element of our corporate philosophy and an important component for success. In very complex lines, in particular, professional service is among the most important preconditions during and after the settlement of the project order. Therefore, contacts are quickly available with their technical competences at all times.

Complex machine construction needs highly qualified staff. For this reason, as a medium-sized company which has evolved over the years, we usually train our electronics technicians for automation technology at our company. This is proven to be the most sustainable way to attain reliable and qualified technical staff.
We develop the solutions on the basis of state-of-the-art mechanical engineering technology and, in this context, we only use top-partners as component and sub-system suppliers. After all, we vouch for the quality of the system solution with our good reputation.   

Thanks to these experiences and services, Transnova Ruf GmbH is the right partner when it comes to packaging machines (top-loading, picking, side-loading, tray erectors and lidding machines) and palletising systems as well as complex integrated final packaging lines.

From individual compact machines for top- and side-loading, to picker systems for fast pick&place applications as well as robot systems for order picking, palletising and de-palletising tasks and extending even to complete final packaging lines - Transnova Ruf offers "design-to-order" solutions based on a modular structure. In the field of robotics we are one of the global leaders in manufacturing systems in the final packaging segment with more than 150 integrated industrial robots every year. This is documented by diverse references in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and non-food industry.