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Growth during the economic crisis

Transnova Ruf GmbH, which is based in Ansbach in Franconia, was able to increase its operating result yet again - as if there was no economic crisis. Since the establishment of the company by Dr. Klaus-Peter Ruf in 1993, it has achieved annual sales growth rates of between 15 and 20 percent. In 2009, it even achieved an astonishing growth rate of 40 percent. As a result, sales rose to more than EUR 27 million. Concurrently with this increase in sales, the number of employees has risen from initially 30 to 180 permanent employees and 25 temporary workers. Moreover, the company has also established an excellent position for its future. The current order volume until August 2010 is already at the same level as in the previous year with 75 percent of the orders coming from Germany and with export business with, preferably European countries, accounting for a further 25 percent. 30 percent of the systems are produced each for the pharmaceutical and food industry, while the remaining 40 percent are produced for the non-food sector.

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Transnova RUF launches a new website

Transnova Ruf, a manufacturer of packaging, palletising and robot technology, now has a new website. The web appearance of the Ansbach contract manufacturer is based on the latest web standards. The navigation of the Transnova Ruf GmbH website was restructured for the relaunch. A layout which should be as clearly structured as possible and intuitively accessible takes account of the increased requirements regarding the fast provision of information - according to managing director Dr. Klaus-Peter Ruf. With the Typo3 editorial system, the Ansbach-based company has adopted a flexible and free content management system. The Open Source solution used facilitates maintenance by internal editors, optimisation possibilities for search engines and the sustainability of the system, explained Udo Vonderlindern, owner of the internet agency which has supported the project.

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