Personal care

Packaging and palletising systems for the personal care industry must fulfil special requirements:

  • Highest possible flexibility - Easy to adjust in terms of the product and case format range as well as different types of cases
  • Compliance with the highest possible hygiene standards - Use of food-safe materials and optimum access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Highest possible output - Cycle rate of up to 50 cases per minute and more
  • Highest-possible degree of automation - Fully automatic format changeover and tool change for the shortest possible format change times

In accordance with our design-to-order principle, we develop individual solutions for packaging of blisters, bags, plastic and glass bottles, folding cases, bags and tubes, etc. and up to pallets ready for dispatch. Experience which we have gathered in the personal care sector over more than 20 years is available as expert knowledge.



Top-loading of plastic bottles in folding cases. Output of 300 bottles per minute and 50 cases per minute. The products are received without any stop & go in line tracking.


Ultra-compact high-performance packaging line for glass bottles (roll-on antiperspirant) in wrap-around cases or tray+lid cases with a packaging output of up to 450 products per minute and 75 cases per minute. The machine has a triple case erector, three packing robots and a triple lid/closing module.


As an additional option, this machine has a label alignment station as well as fully automatic tool change. In spite of this, the machine has compact dimensions of only 5 x 3 metres.