Folding cases

The classical folding case / American case (FEFCO 02XX) is usually made of one piece with a manufacturer's joint as well as lid and bottom flaps connected by gluing. They are then folded flat, are ready to use and are closed using the flaps.

Depending on the packing pattern and performance requirements, the following solutions can be used:

  • Unipacker with side-loading principle and hot glue sealing - the compact and economical solution for low flexibility requirements
  • Robot case erector module with adhesive tape sealing in the Robot-Flex-Line packaging solution – the economical solution for top-loading applications with low performance requirements
  • Robot case erector module with hot glue sealing in the Robot-Flex-Line packaging solution – flexible top-loading application for medium performance ranges
  • High-speed American cases packer – the compact solution for the high-performance range with up to 50 cases per minute



Duplex robot case erector for reliable separation and erection of 50 cases per minute


Unipacker – economical and very compact solution for folding cases using the side-loading principle


A wide range of packing patterns and formats can be implemented by using a grouping robot.