Monobloc cartons/trays

The simple tray usually consists of a flat blank with side walls hinged to the floor of the carton.

Depending on the packing pattern and performance requirements, the following solutions can be considered:

  • Unipacker using the side-loading principles - the compact and economical solution for low flexibility requirements
  • Robot tray former module in the Robot-Flex-Line packaging solution – the flexible solution for top-loading applications with low performance requirements
  • Servo-tray former module in simple or multiple execution for medium- to high-performance ranges for Unipicker solutions or a Robot-Flex-Line packaging solution



Robot tray former module for reliable separating, hot glue application and erecting of trays. With this solution much more compact set-ups can be implemented than with a conventional tray former.


Robot tray former module for a fast change of orders. 6 magazines are already equipped with different blanks in this application. The robot separates blanks from the corresponding magazine and the moulding box can be adjusted automatically.


Tray packer using the side-loading principle on the basis of the Unipacker solution. Compact machines can be implemented very economically with the help of this concept.