Special solutions

Have you got very special tasks in the field of handling, packaging or palletising which you wish to automate?

As a result of our more than 20 years of cumulated experience in handling diverse products and our technological approach of a robot-based micro-module strategy, we have developed a very broad range of options for ourselves in order to implement a tailored-made solution for your specific task.

The bandwidth of successful projects ranges from relatively small products, such as batteries for hearing aids or cartridges, to products with a very special geometry, such as sockets, chainsaw saw blades or television sets, to very big and bulky products, such as control cabinets, refrigerators, large film rolls or flexo printing plates.

We are pleased to use our know-how to help you solve your problems.



Robot-Flexline for the production of large-scale packaging from corrugated cardboard. In total, 6 robots join various corrugated cardboard components and place these on disposable pallets. This plant can be parameterised freely (as well as steplessly) within a format range from 700x700x450mm to 2,200x1,800x1,300mm.


Packaging of refrigerators in folding cases. Up to 8 different sizes arrive in the packing cell in random order. A blanks robot on a linear axis picks the right case. A packing robot opens the case and places it on the product in using a twisting movement.


Packaging of cartridges in folding cases. The cartridges are collected together by a grouping robot and placed in a paint bath. Afterwards, a multiple gripper places them in folding cases which are produced by a carton erecting robot in a previous step.


Packing of rolls of paper in folding cases. A grouping robot generates the formation of the rolls and uses slide-in shafts to locate the rolls. This equipment covers approximately 50 different roll formats and packing patterns.


Packaging of control cabinets: a Robot-Flex-Line solution provides product handling, blanks handling and palletising with, in total, 3 robots. The 2-part corrugated cardboard packaging is closed steplessly and automatically using an adjustable packing table.


Packaging system for welding electrodes in folding cases. At a pre-grouping station, case filling is undertaken with a speed of up to 60 welding electrodes per second. Up to 18 cases are filled per minute.


Packaging of ball bearings in folding cases. The special feature of this system is the large format range from (LxWxH) 45x45x12mm to 160x160x57mm using a very compact design set-up with dimensions of only approximately 2.6 x 1.0m.


Packaging and palletising of large film rolls with a Robot-Flex-Line solution: The rolls are fed into a tubular bag machine by robots; afterwards, edge protection is inserted, the cases are packed and palletising is carried out.